Budapest Kelenföld Vasútállomás

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Our buses depart from the station Kelenföld Vasútállomás, from the local public transport's eastern bus terminal. The stop is accesslible

  • from the underway and the metro station: through exit A, named Etele tér on the signs in the underway
  • from the train station building: through the main exit. The bus terminal is visible from the exit
  • from tram station of 19 & 49: a short walk to the bus terminal, which is visible from the tram terminus stop

In the underway, the signs on picture 1 show the right direction. Go to the direction Etele tér

On the terminal, the bus departs from the middle platform (the one without a number on the bus stop sign). The bus stop is marked with the timetable on picture 2.

Access to the station from downtown is by metro M4, or trams 19 & 49.

GPS coordinates: 47.464561462402344, 19.02268218994140614


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